Cheap Flights


Ahead of my travels, my life the past few weeks has been dominated by planning and as all astute travellers will know, when time is on your side and cashflow is limited, you try to take advantage of every ‘bargain basement opportunity’. So this is what I have been doing. Scouring the internet for every flight, hotel and travel deal I can find.

Now I know I shouldn’t complain, but this process can be tedious so needless to say, whenever I thought I had stumbled across the bargain of the century, I was continually frustrated to find all those sneaky +++ quickly adding up with each click of the mouse.

Seeing my irritation build with each ‘bogus bargain’, my Dad so kindly introduced me to Fascinating Aida, who reassured me I am not alone in my frustration.

Take a look at the clip below (a few years old but still infinitely relevant and very entertaining) – make sure you watch right to the end…..

Fascinating Aida – Cheap Flights